Our Approach


American Eagle is focused on building lasting relationships with Partners who share our Vision to create unique and special places where people can live, raise their family, shop and build a greater community. We work with landowners and investment groups to develop great places.

Vision, Planning & Sustainability

Building successful projects requires a collaborative process that engages community leaders and is respectful of the attributes of the land. American Eagle Partners work with cities, town-elected officials, neighborhoods, landowners and local leaders to ensure long-term viability of the project and good relationships for the longview.

American Eagle and its partners care about what we will leave behind. We understand that sustainability is about being environmentally conscious, having a respect for our history and historic preservation. We are concerned about our carbon footprint, the importance of bringing people back into the city, and most importantly creating a place where people want to be.

Most of all, American Eagle has a love of the land. We believe in Stewardship. We search out the natural attributes of any property before moving forward on a plan. We take great pains in the planning process to make certain that we preserve those attributes and make our development part of a greater community.